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Thank you for sharing your story. It was touching.

omg i love this so much! it's so interesting to hear about all this. it weirdly woke up these memories of like... growing up with videogames at a time when the internet was still a mysterious place. it feels like there was this vast collective consciousness of rumours and hacks and misunderstandings of videogames that permeated our brains at the time but is foreign to children growing up now.

I'm really glad you liked it! I'm also surprised of the good memories it resurfaced for so many people <3

thanks for sharing this : ) a nice insight into a history I don't know much about. I wish that RPG Maker game you mention at the end existed xD - nilson


Thank you for reading =)

I think I can live with that game not being a thing.

I think the greatest achievement in my life was winning a Travian server, being one of the watchers of the Wonder and all.

Also, am I the only one who called it "el" Family?

Probably not.

Thanks for the memories

You're welcome!