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this makes me feel like a sad dad

i dont even like kids



Simple graphics but a wonderful message

Thank you =)

this is sad

Dad needs to negotiate working from home maybe. 

This is pretty effective considering how little it is. The repetition is like a picture book. The kind dad didn't get to read to his kids. 



At the part where it says "you didn't make it in time to tuck the kids into bed" you forgot the it <3 loved the game btw

Thank you. This might get fixed someday <3

So effectively sad! =(

Oh no now I am sad for sad dad =(


Look what you did Corporate Culture, you made a dad sad. *send conceptual entity of corporations to bed without dessert*

Withholding dessert is the first step towards the fall of capitalism.

oh no sad dad :'(


So sad =(

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This game gave me the heeby jeebies, he was so overwhelmed with sadness, that he took his own life by walking into a room with a giant picture of his own face, sending him in to a state of major depression =(


I didn't think of it that way, but it's really sad anyway.