Anxiety: an interactive exploration of the works of Suzanne Treister is an 8-bit glitchy homage to the works of Suzanne Treister.

Suzanne Treister is an artist who made some really good paintings of fictional video game stills from the early 1990s. Honestly, they're a mood. You can see them here and here.

I took the paintings that spoke to me the strongest and reinterpreted them in bitsy form.

The music is Glitchy Pills by Filmy Ghost.

Made withBitsy


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woah this is anxiety incarnated ❤️
and thank you for discovery of the works of Suzanne Treister

I don't know anything about Treister's work, but really liked the style of this Bitsy. :)

I've just had a look via the links. You captured the mood well. 


I love Treister's work. this is great!




This is a very inspiring bitsy !

Thank you!


This is great!

Thank you!