Crash with the prettiest boys from the beat generation so you don't have to sleep on the street. Made for Yaoi Game Jam to showcase how RenJS works. RenJS aims to be an HTML5 VN engine that works similarly to Ren'py.


- Loading takes a while, so the black screen is normal.

- ATM Save functionality is missing.

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Published 74 days ago
StatusIn development
Authorsrumpel, lunafromthemoon
TagsInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsMouse, Touchscreen


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This was so fun! I can't believe I got rejected by William, and then I went all in on Neil for nothing! I loved the literary theme.

I'm glad you liked it <3 

My concern is at Save and Load option, it doesn't save progress at all and when choose Load; it starts from the very begining of the game...

However, this is a neat experience with sublime character design, short but well-explained. I got the "game over" one first, but then the dialogue is flowing by itself ( Jack and Greg as the literature and poet, also William whom player will never catch xD )

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Yes, saving and loading is broken ATM, but a fixed version will be uploaded soon.

Thank you for playing =)