Rescue your beloved from a life of dull obligations at the convent. Be bold, be stylish, be brave!
Tiny fairy tales to lighten up your day. Toots twice a day. Will be queered up soonish.
Say goodbye to your loved ones.
Tiny flatgame about melancholy.
Get well soon card I made for my cat before her surgery. [English]
The vampire is waiting for you in the bar, this is your change. What will you do? [English]
Tiny Twine about not having a room of your own. [English, Español]
A Twine about being a woman and dealing with sexism. [English, Español]
Estás embarazada. ¿Qué pensás hacer? [Español]
Estás en la Antártida y se te llena de agua el ranchito. [Español]
Go to the bathroom, make choices, avoid the existential dread. [English, Español]
A woman in the fifties falls in love with an idealized version of a polemical political figure. [English, Español]


Crash with the prettiest boys from the beat generation so you don't have to sleep on the street. [English]
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Ludum Dare

Help the mice reach the cheese
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